Early Years Update

Dear Colleagues,

Exciting Baby News

Many of you will know Joce Kitt Northumberland EYIC was due to go on maternity leave at the end of this week. However, her baby certainly had other plans.Joce is now the proud mum of a little baby boy who entered the world at 2pm on Sunday, much earlier than expected. We are very excited!Please join us in wishing Joce and her partner all the very best. All are doing well.

Early Years Pupil Premium – Looked After Children

If you are aware of any 3-4 year old nursery LAC children who are out county; adopted or Special Guardianship Order, please contact Sophie Downing on 01670 623594 as they are eligible for EYPP.

30 Hour codes Autumn Term 2021-22

Please ensure all 30 hour codes have been validated and have a start date before 31st August. Any child with 30 hour code start date between 1st September – 31st December will not be able to access 30 hours until January. All 30 hour codes should be validated beforeoffering a child a place.

Northumberland Early Years SharePoint Site

All information and resources related to Early Years in Northumberland is now available via our SharePoint Site. Anyone can access the site by filling out a short form, you will then receive immediate access. Settings signed up to the Early Years SLA can access the ‘Training for SLA Members’ section by filling out a separate form – please note this access will need to be approved and is only for people who are signed up and have paid for the Early Years SLA. Links to both forms can be found at: http://northumberlandeducation.co.uk/EYFS/. If you have any problems of questions related to accessing the SharePoint site please email sharepoint.ey@northumberland.gov.uk


Thank you to all who have subscribed to the Early Years SLA and your commitment to CPD. We have seen a great uptake and interest in the various courses on offer across our programme.

We have had several confirmation letters bounce back over the past couple of weeks, causing some delay in practitioner being notified. To help avoid this, please recheck the address provided before submitting your application. Please don’t cut and paste in the box below as this may be where some of the errors have occurred.  Many thanks for your support.

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