Headteacher Appointments

Appointment Date School New Headteacher Start Date Outgoing Headteacher
May 2024 St Aidan's Catholic Primary School David Sutcliffe (Executive Headteacher) May 2024 Julie Teer (acting)
April 2024 Chollerton C of E First School Glenda Glenwright September 2024 Hazel Davey
April 2024 Newsham Primary School Neil Jones September 2024 Neil Jones (interim)
April 2024 Longhoughton C of E Primary School Matthew Hetherington September 2024 Tracey Critchlow
April 2024 Corbridge Middle School Lindsay Hamilton September 2024 Adele Brown
April 2024 Allendale Primary School Phil Vincent September 2024 Alison Hawkins
February 2024 Bellingham Middle School Catriona Powell (interim) April 2024 Dan Ramshaw
February 2024 Stead Lane Primary School Vicky Rowley April 2024 Reuben Anderson
March 2024 Hugh Joicey C of E Aided First School Chris Roberts April 2024 Heather Cape (acting)
March 2024 St. Aidan's Catholic Primary School Julie Teer (acting) March 2024 Michael Moran
January 2024 Hugh Joicey C of E Aided First School Heather Cape (acting) January 2024 Rebecca Simpson (Acting Exec)
December 2023 The Blyth Academy Martin Wood December 2023 Donna Park
September 2023 Morpeth All Saints Church of England Aided First School Ruth Baker (acting) September 2023 Nick Reeson
July 2023 Chantry Middle School Glen Whitehead September 2023 Bryan Stewart
July 2023 Ponteland Primary School Claire Johnson September 2023 Lynn Blain
July 2023 Richard Coates CE Primary School Sharon Lock September 2023 Heather Cape
July 2023 Belsay School Craig Shaw September 2023 Claire Johnson
July 2023 Emily Wilding Davison School Mick Hutchison September 2023 Mick Hutchison (acting)
May 2023 Haydon Bridge High School David Nisbet September 2023 Michael Smith
April 2023 Hugh Joicey First School Rebecca Simpson (Acting Exec) September 2023 Jacqueline Dalrymple
April 2023 Swansfield Park Primary School Anne-Marie Grimes September 2023 Jenny Smith
April 2023 Tweedmouth West First School Jacqueline Dalrymple September 2023 Anne Robertson
April 2023 Branton Primary School Emma Miller September 2023 Zoe Ryan
April 2023 Beaufront First Primary School Neil Hanford September 2023 Eileen Daniel
April 2023 Cramlington Village Primary School Lucy Whitehead September 2023 Debbie Wylie
Appointment Date School New Headteacher Start Date Outgoing Headteacher
December 2021 Beaconhill Primary School Joel Routledge September 2022 Amanda Forbes
January 2022 Greenhead & Henshaw Primary Schools Mike Glenton April 2022 Sarah Hutchinson
January 2022 Corbridge Middle School Adele Brown February 2022 Jane Kennedy
January 2022 Stamfordham Primary School Lynsey Briddock April 2022 Claire McKinney
February 2022 Bedlington West End Primary School Joanna Ward September 2022 Jane Bushell
February 2022 Bede Primary Academy Jason Cochrane April 2022 Bethan Harding
March 2022 New Delaval Primary School Paul Struthers April 2022 Deborah Worrall
February 2022 Acomb First School Hannah Williamson April 2022 Beth Clarke
March 2022 Pupil Referral Unit Richard Carr September 2022 Emma Blackburn
April 2022 Otterburn Primary School Deborah Worrall (acting) May 2022 Tina Henderson
April 2022 Corbridge & Broomhaugh First Schools Suzanne Hart September 2022 Jen Ainsley
May 2022 Felton Primary School Emma Lucas September 2022 Suzanne Connolly
May 2022 Whitley Chapel First School Karen North September 2022 Jenny Morgan
May 2022 Choppington Primary School Richard Smith September 2022 Daniel Nelson
May 2022 Ponteland High School Stef McElwee September 2022 Kieran McGrane
May 2022 Belsay Primary School Lynn Blain (Exec Head) September 2022 Claire Cantwell
May 2022 Norham St Ceowulf's First School Gary Hilton (Exec Head) September 2022 Jacqueline Dalrymple
May 2022 Bellingham Middle School Dan Ramshaw (acting) September 2022 Lindsay Hamilton
May 2022 Hexham Priory School Louise Burns September 2022 Liz Davison
May 2022 St Joseph's Middle School Nicholas Wood September 2022 Paul Naughton
May 2022 St Mary's Catholic First School Mrs S Oakes (acting) September 2022 Paul Naughton
May 2022 NCEA Castle School Caroline Vardy September 2022 Sara Wild
October 2022 Shanklea Primary School Laura Ritson January 2023 Helen Brown
October 2022 Kielder Primary School Lee Williscroft-Ferris January 2023 Fay Hartland
October 2022 Otterburn Primary School Alison Woodcock January 2023 Deborah Worrall (acting)
January 2023 Prudhoe West Academy Michelle Brewster (acting) January 2023 Carrie Hodgson
January 2023 NCEA Castle School Patrick Ford-Hutchinson (acting) January 2023 Caroline Vardy
January 2023 NCEA Warkworth Primary School Melanie Hinson (interim) January 2023 Laura Ritson
January 2023 Meadowdale Academy Lindsay Coates January 2023 Amanda Allison
February 2023 Broomley and Whittonstall First Schools Katie Jacobs (Exec Head) February 2023 Leanne Barker
February 2023 Prudhoe Castle and Wylam First Schools Steph Gibbon (Exec Head) February 2023 Katie Jacobs
March 2023 Chantry Middle School Katie Binns (acting) April 2023 Bryan Stewart
March 2023 NCEA Warkworth Primary School Jonathan Booth April 2023 Melanie Hinson (interim)
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