Details of the Early Career Framework for 2021 – 2022 will be made available shortly. You will still need to sign up to an Appropriate Body as previously.

The Early Career Framework 2020 -2021


The early rollout of the Early Career Framework development programme has begun in particular regions, including Northumberland. Participation is voluntary, however we strongly advise all schools to participate. Schools who opt in will access a 2 year professional development support package for their NQTs which includes:

  • funded 5% time off timetable in the second year of teaching, in addition to the existing 10% in the first year
  • a range of high-quality, freely available curricula and training materials underpinned by the Early Career Framework
  • funded training for NQTs and mentors of NQTs
  • funded time for mentors to support NQTs

Selecting a professional development provider for your school

All providers offer professional development support for early rollout but each individual provider is developing their own set of materials based on the Early Career Framework to meet schools’ individual needs. You’ll need to look at each provider’s offer on their webpage and select the one that’s right for you.

Information about the programmes are below:

UCL Consortium ECF Presentation

(no password required)

Teach First ECF Presentation

(No password required)

On June 10th the 4 providers presented a summary of their offers to schools across the North of Tyne Combined Authority. A recording of that webinar is available here.

The ECF materials produced by all 4 providers are now available to view here.

To sign up or raise queries:

Statutory induction during early rollout

There will be no changes to statutory induction during the first year of early rollout. The development support package will last for 2 years but statutory induction during early rollout will continue to last for one year. This means that schools must continue to register with an Appropriate Body (such as Northumberland LA). After one year, NQTs will be assessed against the Teachers’ Standards to determine whether they have passed induction. There is no change to the present arrangements.

If you have any queries or questions about ECF or the Appropriate Body please contact Dave Cookson.