Strong leadership and governance are essential for improving schools.

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National Leaders of Governance:
National Leaders of Governance (NLGs) are experienced chairs of governors who are chosen, trained and designated by NCTL (National College for Teaching and Leadership) to offer support and advice to governors in all schools. They work closely with Dioceses, LAs, teaching schools, MATs and other bodies providing support for schools. There are currently 2 active NLGs in Northumberland:

Jo Holmes – Corbridge Middle School

Paul Carvin – Three Rivers Learning Trust

They can offer advice in a specific process e.g. academy conversion, mentor new chairs, do health checks of governing body practice, or help prepare governors for inspection. Some NLGs also do external reviews of governance. Their support is free to all schools. More information is available from the NLG advocate, Julia Millard, who can be contacted via the National Leaders of Governance: North website.


Safe to Learn bulletins – Northumberland LA (please scroll to “Safeguarding and Schools”)