Early Career Teachers

This page is for those ECTs who began induction between September 2021 and July 2002 only,

and are signed up to the Northumberland LA Appropriate Body service

- If your ECT(s) began induction prior to September 2021 please click here

- If your ECT(s) began induction after September 2022 please click here

Fidelity Checks:

The Appropriate Body is required to undertake a fidelity check if you are following the Core Induction Programme or the DIY Induction Programme. This will involve the ECT team visiting school to look at the structure and content of the programme you are offering your ECT(s). This is to assure the school, the Appropriate Body, the DfE and the TRA that the core elements of the induction programme are scheduled/sequenced in an appropriate way.

The length of the visit will vary depending on whether you are following Core or DIY. Visits to schools offering the DIY programme will be longer.

An example of the fidelity check paperwork is available here.

The ECT team will contact you well in advance of the visit to support you with your preparations.

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