Year 8 RSE

Many thanks to Rob Mills and Colette Laidler at Highfield Middle for suggesting a resource (and the topics to cover) in an online Padlet resource for parents and carers of Year 8 pupils.

This would have been the first year that teachers rather than the school nurse would have delivered lessons on safe relationships, intimate relationships and consent, STIs, contraception and developmental changes. The Padlet is a resource for carers or parents to use with children. It’s not a series of lesson plans to be taught.

Age-appropriate, factual material will help children and young people to have their questions answered, know where to find help and support if they need it, and avoid myths and misinformation.

It is online here and will be regularly updated.

For schools that would rather share a resource directly with year 8 pupils, there is this version.

Please do get in touch if there are more areas of PSHE for which you’d find a collection of resources for home useful while pupils are not all in school.

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