Wraparound Childcare Programme for Primary (5-11yr olds) – new IT solution for accessing Tax Free Childcare 

(Middle Schools – FYI)

HMRC are currently developing a new IT solution to help parents with primary school-aged children access Tax Free Childcare (TFC). This solution will facilitate a smoother customer journey for parents to pay for wraparound care via cashless payment systems, if schools use them. 

This is due to be delivered in September 2024. Further information about the IT solution will follow shortly.

In the interim, schools and settings can support parents’ access to TFC by,

  • signing up so you are ready to receive TFC payments directly from parents  
  • informing eligible parents that they can use TFC to pay for eligible school-run wraparound childcare
  • having a dedicated lead within the school or setting who is familiar with Childcare Choices and the government support towards childcare costs

Should you have any wraparound queries please contact theresa.kirkwood@northumberland.gov.uk

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