Wellbeing for Education Return Update

As you will be aware, this DfE funded project was initiated in the Autumn term 2020 as a direct response to the COVID pandemic and lockdown measures. It has been underway in Northumberland since the end of September. Delivery of training to school Senior Mental Health Leads is the main delivery tool. A nationally created training pack forms the backbone of the project as the DfE intention is that all staff in every school across the country will have an increased awareness of early indicators of stress and anxiety in children, young people, and others. The aim was for all schools to have delivered the training to staff by March 2021, and progress towards this target is reported into the DfE.

SMHLS were invited to attend training in November, and the conference was well attended with very positive evaluations. All resources have now been centralised onto a WER padlet.

Drop in sessions are being offered for anyone who would appreciate some support with the delivery of the training in their setting.

School SMHLs have been asked to complete a yes/no poll indicating whether they have delivered the training already. Information and relevant links were included in the ecourier last week.

For any queries, please contact alison.walker@northumberland.gov.uk.

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