Vulnerable Learner Monitoring and Safeguarding Return and EHCP Risk Assessments

We thought it might be helpful to clarify the request we have made to schools and settings about vulnerable learner monitoring and safeguarding return and EHCP Risk Assessments.

Earlier this week, we circulated information and a request to you relating to the safeguarding and monitoring of vulnerable learners across all the settings that we use. In total, this is approximately 280 settings.

The form that we have asked you to return on a weekly basis is accessed via a 360 account, for which you should have received a notification and log in details if you do not already have an account. This is a PREPOPULATED form which includes the learners in your school who have EHCPs and those who have a Social Worker. There is a series of questions to be answered for each learner via drop downs. This information will be pulled from the forms, once submitted, and will allow us to look at the county-wide picture, and to follow up where we see additional vulnerability emerging. One of the questions on the form relates to whether a risk assessment has been carried out, and when this took place.

Separate to this, we have made available a risk assessment proforma (via pdf, word and google docs) which can support you to complete this risk assessment and which informs the decision about attendance (or not) for your EHCP learners. We are not asking you to return those to NCC. They can be used internally by you and be kept in your children’s files. Of course, if you would like any advice around completing those risk assessments, please ask.

Government guidance indicates that these should be revisited as circumstances change for learners.

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