Summer Term SIP visits

It is our intention that SIP visits will be held in school this term, rather than being held remotely. When making arrangements to visit a school, SIPs will ensure that they are familiar with the plans you have in place for COVID safety. 

We have asked all SIPs to carry out a Lateral Flow Test before each visit and adhere to strict social distancing and good hand hygiene practises when in the school building. 

The summer SIP meeting will have significant input from headteachers in terms of the focus. There should be conversations around priorities, plans going forward and the current position regarding the quality of education but, additionally, it will be for headteachers to decide if there is a particular area for further discussion, support or thinking. For example, some schools may want to look at their provision to close gaps in learning; some may be looking at progress towards areas for improvement from their last inspection; some may want to focus on their SDP priorities. Discussions can centre around whatever the key lines of development are for the school at the moment; it is also for the school to decide who is involved in the meeting.

A copy of the report format is available here.

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