Given the current circumstances our visits have changed somewhat this year. Our spring visits usually focus on the quality of teaching and learning and are centred around classroom observations, work scrutiny and conversations with pupils and staff. As education provision has been very different this term we have adapted our SIP support offer accordingly.

We have produced a proforma which focuses on the education provided in the current circumstances (see here). Working through this form will provide schools with an opportunity to discuss the education they are providing; how they have adapted their curriculum to meet current challenges and how they are providing education to meet the needs of all their learners. It is envisaged that this meeting (held virtually) will take around an hour/hour and a half to complete. 

Some schools may prefer their time with their SIP this term to be spent discussing wider school issues rather than focus solely on remote education. If this is the case, SIPs will record notes on a generic proforma instead. Some schools may not wish to engage any SIP support this term; if this is the case, please let your SIP know when they contact you.

SIPs will be contacting the schools they provide SIP support for to establish how they wish to proceed this term.

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