Safe Week 2019 – SCAM awareness e-learning

Welcome to SAFE Week 2019, this year the theme is SCAMS, and this short e-learning package has been produced by the Illegal Money Lending Team and Safeguarding Adults Board. There is a short video followed by some questions, interesting, informative and of course important for all of us working with families in the run up to the festive season. The learning objectives are:

  • To be aware of the of the Illegal Money Lending Team and its work
  • Be more confident when recording and reporting information
  • To encourage partnership working and continue the ongoing relationship with partners.

Please allow fifteen minutes in your working day to complete this learning module (it is open for a four week window only). Watch the video and then return to the link to complete the online survey.

Please note some of the subject matter in this e-learning relates to suicide,  and may cause some distress to some of you. Please consider this before accessing this learning.

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