Restart a heart

Please see the following information – the Restart a Heart programme is free to all schools and run by the Ambulance Service.

We have a tailored programme for different age groups, outlined briefly below:

Yr1On the phone
Yr2On the phone
Yr3On the phone plus unconscious patient
Yr4On the phone plus unconscious patient
Yr5CPR and defibrillator awareness
Yr6CPR and defibrillator awareness
Yr7CPR and defibrillator awareness
Yr8CPR and defibrillator awareness
Yr9CPR and defibrillator awareness
Yr10CPR and defibrillator awareness
Y11CPR and defibrillator awareness
Yr12CPR and defibrillator awareness
CPR Training – Content
Check for Dangers
Check for Response
Unconscious patient
Recovery position
On the phone
Unconscious patient – Content
Check for Dangers
Check for Response
Conscious patient
Unconscious patient
Recovery position
On the phone

The section “On the Phone” explains to children what happens when you call 999, and the impact of calling when it is not an emergency and hoax calls.   It covers the services you can ask for, the questions you might be asked, the importance of knowing your location, and helpful things like unlocking the door if possible.   For the older ones, we also explain how to call 999 from someone else’s phone if it is locked, and about What 3 Words, the locator app.

Alex Mason
Community Resuscitation Officer | Community Resuscitation and Development Team | Emergency Care 
Mobile: 07581 622918
North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
Bernicia House | Goldcrest Way | Newburn Riverside Business Park
Newcastle Upon Tyne | NE15 8NY | 0191 430 2000
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