Reporting Staff COVID Cases on ANVIL

This is a reminder to staff that in addition to reporting cases to NCC’s Public Heath team via their webform, there is also a requirement that all confirmed Covid19 cases amongst staff employed by the County Council are recorded on ANVIL, the Council’s incident reporting system. This is because Covid-19, in certain circumstances, is a notifiable disease under RIDDOR and the duty to report cases to the HSE lies with the employer (delegated to Headteachers).   Recording details of specific cases on ANVIL ensures that a formal record is kept of the circumstances of each case and an assessment can be made to establish if a case does need to be notified to the HSE.  There is no requirement to report positive cases amongst pupils or visitors on ANVIL. 

For Academies and other schools where the employer is not the County Council, but where the school receive health and safety support from the Corporate Health and Safety Team via SLA, schools can also submit a report on ANVIL in the same way.  This is not mandatory, however, if schools choose not to log these on ANVIL, it is recommended that alternative suitable records are kept, and an assessment made to determine if a case meets the criteria to report to the HSE.   

The ANVIL report form can be accessed via the Corporate Health and Safety team webpage. Attached below is a document which should be used to help you complete the report, including which aspects you should include in the description field of the report.  Please include as much information as possible.  Once the ANVIL report has been submitted, the Corporate Health and Safety team will review all cases and contact the school if further information is required or if it is felt a case needs to be reported to the HSE.

Schools – ANVIL Guidance Note V03 

Please direct any queries to the Corporate Health and Safety Team – 

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