RE Today – RE resources

RE Today have had many requests where teachers are looking for CPD around the various religions as well as non-religious views. In response they have developed 2 options to cover off all the relevant information to assist RE delivery in the classroom.

Option 1 – A set of current and practical books that not only cover the subject area in detail but offer a wealth of ideas and support for you to use in the classroom.

Option 2 – In addition to purchasing the books and NATRE membership, the opportunity to attend a live webinar, delivered by an RE Advisers, after school and lasting approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. This live webinar will take you through a selection of the content within these religions and non-religious views, providing key ideas and knowledge that link to the planning and content within the classroom environment. RE Today will also provide a certificate of attendance for each teacher to support the needs of their CPD record.

The primary offer is here.

The secondary offer is here.

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