Placement Availability at Northumberland Pupil Referral Unit

Northumberland Pupil Referral Unit in Morpeth currently has a limited number of vacant places available for pupils from Year 2 to Year 9.  If you are interested in commissioning a place or would like more information about the PRU – virtual tours and visits can be made upon request.  Any queries about placements, referrals or visits can be made to: Sue Ingledew, PRU Placement/SEN Administrator on 01670 514963.

Further details about our curriculum and ethos can be found on our website.

What the PRU Provides

Northumberland Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) provides targeted placement opportunities for pupils who are currently experiencing difficulties accessing mainstream provision.  The intervention of the PRU has a number of quantifiable benefits for pupils and their families, schools and the local authority. Apart from the obvious short term benefits to children of being able to continue their education without the risk of exclusion, schools benefit from detailed assessment of and support with managing a child’s individual needs to achieve the best outcomes both academically and socially.

There are many factors that can prevent some children from coping with the expectations and challenges of school. While mainstream schools are able to support children with a wide range of needs and often have remarkably flexible ways of helping children, few schools have the resources to cope with prolonged, seriously disruptive or challenging behaviour. Even when the causes of this behaviour are identifiable, it is often difficult to provide support. The PRU is able to work intensively with children over a notional 20 week period, helping them to understand why they experience problems and offering them strategies to modify their behaviour. 

Northumberland PRU is a resource available to commissioners to assist them in supporting children with behaviour which disrupts their learning and that of others. Younger and more vulnerable children are taught separately in a purpose-built nurture unit with specially-trained teaching staff. This offers an exceptionally high level of support to children with complex needs. Other children are taught in small groups by specialist teachers and support staff, using the National Curriculum; the emphasis is upon blending support with appropriate challenge. Our trained staff devise personalised curriculums to plug existing gaps in knowledge and understanding and promote the emotional wellbeing of all pupils. Targeted interventions include; Motional SEHM, Trauma intervention, Friends Resilience, Fresh Start, Catch up and Thrive. 

Some pupils enter the PRU with exceptionally complex needs, and are unlikely to be able to return to school without additional support. In these cases the PRU is able to prepare detailed reports exploring aspects of the child’s educational and SEND needs, together with details of strategies and approaches that have been shown to work in helping to manage behaviour. 

Schools can also use the placement to evidence the 2nd cycle of COSA applications. 

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