Notification of leavers from Managers

Information for managers regarding termination of employment.

It’s important that managers notify payroll as early as possible when a member of staff is due to leave. Last year alone payroll was forced to recover overpayments in excess of £30,000 where someone had left, and the manager had not informed us.

As soon as you know that a member of staff is leaving you need to complete a termination of employment form http://staff/Employee-Services/Recruitment-and-appointment.aspx

You also need to consult the payroll deadline dates and ensure that your form will be received within the appropriate time frame. If the payroll deadline has already passed, please contact payroll immediately and where possible we will do our best to stop any overpayment going out. You can access the most up to date payroll deadline information on the payroll intranet page http://staff/Employee-Services/Timetables-submission-dates.aspx

If you have any questions regarding the termination process, please contact your Payroll Administrator or email / call 01670 624822

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