Monitoring and Tracking Vulnerable Learners – Week 2 w/b 27th April 2020

Thank you for all your returns last week, which is enabling us to gather information for the vulnerable youngsters for whom Northumberland is responsible. As per the DfE guidance of 19th April, you’ll be aware that ‘where applicable, designated safeguarding leads and/or equivalent staff should keep under review their lists of vulnerable children and young people who should be attending provision. Providers are encouraged to share their lists of vulnerable children and young people who should be attending provision with their local authority.’

The Week 2 Vulnerable Learner List is available via School360.

All Northumberland schools already have access to School360 as this is how we transfer secure data throughout the year. Please note that your account holder may not be the Headteacher, as all schools have nominated a specific person to access the secure folders.

Schools and settings that are ‘outside’ Northumberland have had an account set up specifically for this task with and access details were sent to the nominated person via email week commencing 20th April 2020.

Please note, your nominated person will receive an email to advise that the list is available.

The spreadsheet can be found in the Social Care Involvement folder and named “Week 2 Vulnerable Learner List” – please ensure you complete the correct week, for this week the deadline is Thursday 30th April 2020 at 5pm.

The form should be completed online – it should not need to be downloaded. If you have trouble accessing please email

Thank you for your cooperation in this task. Logging in each Monday, you will find a form to complete. As information changes in terms of current open cases, we need to provide fresh forms each week.

There are guidance notes available at

  • 360 Login Information (non-SLA)
  • Vulnerable List on School360 Instructions
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