Model School Covid Risk Assessment – update (version 5.2)

Following an update to the government guidance for schools issued on Tuesday 2 February, minor revisions has been made to the model risk assessment. Whilst there are no major health and safety changes within the guidance, wording has been strengthened to provide clarity in some areas. In places where the update doesn’t warrant an amendment to the model risk assessment (e.g. where we’ve signposted to national guidance on self isolation requirements) we thought it would be useful to provide a brief outline of these updates below:

• Clarification that anyone (staff or pupil) who lives with someone with Covid19 symptoms, or who has tested positive, should stay away from school.
• If anyone at school (staff or pupils) becomes symptomatic, members of their household should self-isolate from the day the person’s symptoms start (or the day their test was taken if they did not have symptoms) PLUS the following 10 full days.
• Changes to the definition of close contacts – see page 24 of the guidance.
• Ventilation has moved up the hierarchy of control measures – this highlights the importance of maintaining adequate ventilation in occupied spaces.
• Further information on the approach to physical activity and use of external coaches, clubs and organisations.

An update has also been made to the H&S FAQ document.

A further announcement from Government regarding a plan to take the Country out of lockdown is expected week commencing 22 February. Once the date for schools to open fully has been confirmed, it is expected that further revised guidance will be issued. This will warrant a further review of the model covid risk assessment and your own school risk assessment.

As always, the Corporate Health and Safety Team are available to discuss any specific queries you may have regarding the Covid19 arrangements in place within your school. Please speak to a member of the team (Amanda Young, John Froud, Nigel Chopping or Bryony Smith) or email

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