Library Consultation

Northumberland’s Library Service is about to embark on a public consultation to find out what the residents of the County think the service should look like in the future. We need to know what people value about the service, what barriers they face that prevents them from using libraries and what they think the service should deliver in the future.

Children and Young People are our customers for the future so we are very keen that they should have the opportunity to participate and share their views.

Within the primary curriculum, we are aware that there is a letter writing module so we’re inviting classes to write letters to the Library Services Manager at Sycamore Centre, Wansbeck Avenue, Stakeford, Choppington, Northumberland, NE62 5ET to say what they like about the library they use, if they don’t use it, why not and what else they would like to do there.

At secondary level, we suggest this could be an exercise within a PSHE lesson – either completing the questionnaire individually online or submitting a group response as a result of a discussion or debate. The latter should be sent to

Any school could provide a response through their school council. If it would be helpful, we will work with you to provide a member of staff to introduce the topic? Please contact us via email,

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