Inclusive Education Services Core Offer September 2020

FAO All Headteachers

Please find attached here details of the Core Offer to be delivered by the Services (SEND Support Services) from September 2020. Accompanying it here is a document which addresses a number of questions that you may have as you read the information.

The Services will continue to work under the SLA arrangements until the end of the Summer Term, so the service you receive will only change from September. This new model will operate for a 2 year pilot period. During the second year it will be evaluated, and stakeholder views invited to inform decisions about the long term provision. You will remember that views around the current SLA model have been collected over the past 18 months; these views, combined with the Local Area SEND Inspection findings around inconsistent access to services for some learners, have informed the development of the Core Offer. 

Please note that the Educational Psychology Service, in line with national and regional practice, will remain largely traded and will operate as it currently does in terms of delivery of bespoke work into individual schools. There is, however, a core partnership based offer. Details can be found in the booklet attached.

In due course, further information will be available about the training offer.

For further information, please contact, Head of Inclusive Education Services or alternatively the individual Service Managers. Contact details are within the booklet for ease of reference.

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