Important Passport Update…

By next Monday you will notice some changes within the School Readiness Passport. All children will have their cohorts changed automatically, so please do not change children’s cohorts manually or delete any historical reception children. Any children who are now in Year 1 will automatically move into a Year 1 folder, where you will be able to view their Passport if needed. 

The changes to the Nursery Year have become visible. The 36 month checker has become the ‘Nursery Ready’ checker, the 42 month checker has become the ‘Nursery Mid-point’ checker and the ‘Reception Ready’ checker remains the same. Please use the calendar attached to help you see when different groups of children will be assessed against each checker. 

If you haven’t yet accepted the transfers sent to you from other providers, managers can do this by going to the ‘My Organisation’ page and looking in the ‘transfers’ folder.

If you need any support or have any questions, please email:

Please see EY summative Assessment Yearly Planner here.

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