Important Early Years Transition Information

As we approach the half term break in the summer term, all partners in the Early Years sector are planning for the effective transition of our youngest children from their current provision into the Reception class in school. We know everyone is keen to make this transition as seamless as possible to ensure that you are as well-prepared for and knowledgeable about, the children starting with you in September.

The local authority continues to support this process with an aim to ensure that the information you receive about children from their current provision is high-quality, consistent and easily accessible. The main tool for supporting high quality transition is the Northumberland School Readiness Passport. We are asking all early years providers to use the transfer function within the Passport to enable you to have full access to all the relevant information. This includes assessments as to whether the child is deemed on track or not to be Reception ready and also a good degree of SEND information where appropriate.

To support the development and quality assurance of this process all schools should ensure that their early years staff have activated their Northumberland School Readiness Passport accounts and are familiar with the system enabling them to accept the children being transferred and
have access to this invaluable information.

You should not expect to receive transition information about children in any other format and there is no need to request transition information to be sent in any other way. The Northumberland School Readiness Passport is the local authority’s recommended method for sharing of information. Most schools and setting are already involved in the programme. With the involvement of every school and setting we will have a system in place with many benefits for all learners and their families. A full enrolment of the Passport will also further support future development and the accuracy of the information it holds. There will be a full review of the process in the autumn term. Comments from all participants will be sought, compiled and used for improvement purposes.

If you have any queries or questions about the Northumberland School Readiness Passport and/or would like support in accessing your account, please contact your locality Early Years Consultant who will be able to offer you support.

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