Health and Safety Executive (HSE) spot checks

The HSE published an Education eBulletin on 4 September, announcing its intention to carry out spot checks on schools. We understand that the HSE has contracted out these initial calls to an organisation called Civica and that some schools are concerned that they are receiving hoax calls. We can confirm that Civica is acting on behalf of the HSE and that schools should engage with the process. We understand that the HSE has briefed its staff appropriately in case they are asked to confirm their identity.

During the call they will be looking for assurances around social distancing, cleaning measures and regimes, and awareness and adherence to public health guidance. There is an article in Schools Week with the information that schools need to know about the spot checks, and the LA Health & Safety team have produced a list of potential questions which is available here. We can confirm that these questions were asked of a Northumberland secondary school last week.

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