Guidance around the use of sand, water and dough play

Dear colleagues,

Please find some useful guidance put together to support you in the safe use of sand, water and dough play during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Guidance Around the Use of Sand, Water and Dough Play During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Settings should follow the same guidance as they would for any contagious infection. 

Northumberland EY team would recommend the following points are considered during the current pandemic:

  • Temporarily remove sand play. Empty sand trays and take extra care to clean and disinfect the tray.
  • If offering water play, consider how children are able to dry their hands effectively afterwards. Is there an opportunity to play with running water which would be more hygienic? Could adults use this as an opportunity to model effective hand washing with children? Consider how children dry their hands, remove communal towels but ensure they can dry hands effectively ?
  • Temporarily remove dough and any malleable materials play. Thoroughly clean and disinfect and equipment.

There many great ways to experience the same play based outcome without using sand and water etc. Let us know your top tips and creative ideas…

Any queries, please contact a member of the EY team.

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