Free Trees 2021 Schools

Free Tree giveaway is back 

The Council’s Free Tree giveaway is back, and schools can claim a free tree pack of up to 120 saplings to plant on their land. 

We’re linking up with The Queen’s Green Canopy campaign to encourage everyone to plant a tree for the Jubilee, and we want schools to get involved and plant trees with their pupils to celebrate! 

How it works 

We have 15,000 free trees up for grabs this year: 

  • 10,000 trees are available to residents 
  • 5,000 trees are ringfenced for schools, community groups and town and parish councils in packs sizes of 10, 30, 60, 90 or 120 

Apply today to claim a free tree pack for your school! 

Let us know what your plans are for your tree plant, and we’ll be in touch with promotional opportunities for your school. 

What trees are on offer 

A choice of three packs is on offer, including: 

  • Hedge – Make a natural screen or connect existing woodland to help wildlife stay on the move. You will get a variety of each species for 8 metres of full, easy to manage hedging. Species include: Hornbeam, Hawthorn, Dog Rose, Hazel 
  • Copse – Plant a small group of trees as a wildlife haven, providing a valuable food and shelter source. Species include: Silver birch, Rowan, Wild Cherry, Hawthorn 
  • Native Harvest – Ideal as a food source for wildlife or you can harvest the fruit and nuts for your own projects such as jams, baking etc. Species include: Hazel, Crab Apple, Elder, Rowan  

What we want you to do 

It would be great if you could claim a free tree pack for your school and help plant a tree for the Jubilee. Apply online here and let us know what you plan to do as part of your tree plant, and we’ll be in touch to help promote it further. 

It would also be great if you could help us promote the scheme to residents. You can do this by sharing this flyer with parents. 

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