Expressions of Interest in School Resource Management Adviser (SRMA) programme

As part of the Government’s programme to provide targeted additional financial support to schools, North Yorkshire are currently looking for people who are interested in becoming accredited School Resource Management Advisers (SRMAs).  SRMAs are school business experts who support schools and trusts to improve their financial health, maximise use of resources and deliver positive educational outcomes.

The accreditation process involves targeted training, the completion of a case study, and a panel interview.  Once accredited, an SRMA is expected to carry out a minimum of two deployments per year, with each deployment typically lasting 5 days.  Your organisation will be reimbursed for time spent on deployments at a daily rate of £400.  Essential and desirable skills are listed below:

  • Essential skills – must have at least two years’ experience of school business management or financial management in a school setting.  Must have a good understanding of how the school system works.  Must be experts in the concepts of Integrated Curriculum and Financial Planning (ICFP) and benchmarking. Must have a good understanding of excellent resource management and know how best value from budgets can be obtained through procurement, recruitment, financial governance and financial forecasting.
  • Desirable skills – a minimum of two years’ experience as an accountant or similar role.

If you would like to put an expression of interest forward, or would like to know more please email

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