Early Years Update

Dear Colleagues,
West Locality
Jill Prescott is currently absent from work. Any support requested should be directed to Kay Summers (Early Years Consultant).
Golden Tickets
A round of ‘Golden Tickets’ will be sent out to Parents this week. Please note that any parents receiving a letter will not be eligible until January, please check children’s dates of birth before offering a place.  
Autumn Term 30 Hour Codes
A number of providers have not validated 30 hour codes through the Wizard. We will be emailing those who have not to prompt them to check. If codes are not validated we cannot confirm children are eligible and cannot payout the funding. Please check your log of checks in Wizard against your 30 hour children and validate any missing codes ASAP.  
Northumberland School Readiness Passport Update  
Please click here for information. 

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