Early Years Update

Dear Colleagues,
Home Learning for National Storytelling week & National Children’s Mental Health week
A reminder that the Northumberland Early Years Home learning Padlet has been updated to support parents in the current lockdown. Click on the link to find resources which support National Storytelling Week and National Children’s Mental Health week.
30 Hour Codes Spring Term 2020-21
Please check your 30 hour summary of checks in Wizard, a number of you have not validated 30 hour codes and a number of you have submitted codes that have a start date after the 31st December and these children are not eligible until next term. This is a common issue we are finding each term. 
No parent should be offered a place before you have validated their 30 hour code through Wizard. You run the risk of no funding each time you do this.
For key Early Years information related to COVID-19 access our padlet
For key funding information access our padlet

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