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Dear Colleagues,
Golden Tickets
2 Year old Golden Tickets should reach eligible parents this week. Apologies for the delay, the DfE had issues with the data which delayed us receiving it. Hopefully, you will see a spike in enquiries for summer term places next week. Don’t forget to market your provision to encourage parents to bring their letters to you! Please check children’s dates of birth before offering a place.
Save the Date: Iinvite to School360 learning journal relaunch
We have been working closely with our IT colleagues to update the online learning journal on the School360 site so that it is not only meets expectations set out as part of the EYFS reforms, but it also works hand in hand with the School Readiness Passport system.  The journal will be available to all schools subscribed to School360 and is also available to purchase by PVI settings and childminders. An invite to the online relaunch event can be found attached for further information.
Update: expansion of testing for childminders
Please see attachment and information below from DfE; All recent DfE emails can be found on the COVID padlet linked below.
Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to confirm that, from today, there will be more options available to childminders to enable them to participate in the asymptomatic testing programme. This testing offer is also extended to anyone who works in an occupation related to a school, early years childcare provider, or college and their household, childcare and support bubbles. More information can be found here.

We want to extend our sincere thanks to local areas who have offered early years settings asymptomatic testing via local community testing programmes over the previous months.

From today, all childminders will be able to access asymptomatic twice-weekly testing by either:

This is a very welcome development for childminders. Testing will help to identify positive cases, particularly those who may have the virus and do not have symptoms. Those who test positive will then self-isolate, helping to reduce transmission of the virus.  All positive results from rapid tests undertaken at home do need to be confirmed with a standard PCR test.

In addition, the households, childcare and support bubbles of early years children are also able to access twice-weekly asymptomatic testing. More information can be found here.

 The asymptomatic testing programme does not replace the current testing policy for those with symptoms. Anyone with symptoms (even if they recently had a negative LFD test result), should still self-isolate immediately according to government guidelines. Those with symptoms should follow guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection and book a PCR test. 

Please can you share this update with your networks to ensure that all childminders get this important update.

We are also aware that many of you are currently supporting private, voluntary and independent (PVI) nurseries to prepare for regular asymptomatic testing, which will begin on the 22nd of March. In order to best help you support these nurseries please find attached our latest PVI rollout FAQ.

Please also note that PVI nurseries should expect to receive a further delivery of test kit supplies between 24th and 26th March. These supplies should last another 3-4 weeks. If a setting has received too many test kits they will be able to keep them as stock to use as and when required.

Best wishes,

Early Years Entitlements

Passport: New Features this Week!

You may have already noticed there are 2 new features available for you to use on the Passport system from this week – a function for generating a report for children’s Two Year Progress Check and a ‘My EYPP’ section for children eligible for the additional funding.

My Two Year Progress Check‘ will export as a report alongside the additional information from the child’s most recent checker assessment.
‘My EYPP’ gives providers the option of recording how EYPP has been used effectively to support the enhanced offer in a way which is personalised to the needs of the eligible child.
Walkthroughs of these new functions and further guidance on their use will be included in next term’s live Passport Update Briefing.
For further support in using these new features in the interim period, please contact your Early Years Consultant or Development Worker.
All recent DfE emails can be found on the COVID padlet linked below.
For key Early Years information related to COVID-19 access our padlet
For key funding information access our padlet

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