Early Years Update

Dear Colleagues,
🍁Welcome back to Autumn Term 2021-22🍁
Autumn Term Estimated Figures REMINDER (PVIs/Childminders)
The deadline for submitting an estimated figures claim in Wizard for Autumn term is Sunday 12th September. If you require a password reset, please contact sophie.downing@northumberland.gov.uk before 4pm on Friday. 
Autumn Term 2021-22 Headcount (School360 Users)
For those of you who submit headcount via School 360, the form is now available within the 2021-2022 > AUT 2021-22 folder. Please note – as it is the start of an Academic year, there is no pre-population as usual.
Deadline for submission – Friday 8th October
30 Hours Free Childcare – Autumn Term
Please ensure all 30 hour codes have been validated before offering a child a place this term. All codes must have a start date before 31st August to access 30 hours from September. 
Any code with a start date between 1st September – 31st December will not be eligible to access 30 hours until January.
Important Passport Update
By next Monday you will notice some changes within the School Readiness Passport. All children will have their cohorts changed automatically, so please do not change children’s cohorts manually or delete any historical reception children. Any children who are now in Year 1 will automatically move into a Year 1 folder, where you will be able to view their Passport if needed. 
The changes to the Nursery Year have become visible. The 36 month checker has become the ‘Nursery Ready’ checker, the 42 month checker has become the ‘Nursery Mid-point’ checker and the ‘Reception Ready’ checker remains the same. Please use the calendar attached to help you see when different groups of children will be assessed against each checker. 
If you haven’t yet accepted the transfers sent to you from other providers, managers can do this by going to the ‘My Organisation’ page and looking in the ‘transfers’ folder.

If you need any support or have any questions, please email: info.schoolready@northumberland.gov.uk

Please see EY summative Assessment Yearly Planner here.

SEND & Inclusion catch-up
Please find attached the SEND & Inclusion catch-up for Autumn term.
Public Health Leaflet for Parents
Please find attached a return to settings leaflet for parents. Public Health England has published a series of resources to help keep parents informed as their children return to education settings. The leaflet, entitled “Taking your child to an early years setting: information for parents”, outlines the importance of children attending early years settings and includes a wide-ranging FAQ.


Safer Recruitment

Safer recruitment is designed to ensure candidates are suitable for the role and to deter and reject unsuitable applications from working with vulnerable groups. 

The Early Years Team recognise the need for support and have therefore designed some bespoke training for the PVI sector to assist setting with their preparation around high quality safer recruitment practice and advertising.  In the meantime, the following may offer you a template and an opportunity to consider your own recruitment practice and procedures and whether it is representative of your local area.

Northumberland Early Years Service Level Agreement (SLA) 2021/22

Early Years Training Manual 2021/22

Safer Recruitment 

Please note: To demonstrate our commitment to the safeguarding and welfare of all children and young people, the Early Years Team is unable to approve any pending posts for approval, on their Northumberland Early Years Providers Facebook site,  where it does not meet safer recruitment practice. Please speak to your Childcare Development Worker should you have any queries.

Early Years COVID-19 Sustainability Grant Scheme  

Early years providers who have not received or been in an eligible category for any other COVID-19 support grants via the Local Authority can now access a sustainability grant fund to help cover the costs of lost income from private early years fees during the covid-19 crisis. Please see attached for further information.

Northumberland Early Years SharePoint Site 

All information related to Early Years In Northumberland is now available on the Early Years SharePoint Site. Details of how to access are on the attached flyer. Some people who have previously had access to the site seem to have lost access over the summer, we apologise for this. If this is the case, please fill out the short form for those who haven’t accessed the site before, linked in the flyer and you will re-gain access immediately.


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