Document Summary Service September 2020

Dear Colleagues

I am pleased to enclose the first batch of summaries for September – I
wonder how you are finding things in the ‘new normal’. I was struck
this month by the wide range of issues covered in the reports which
have been produced over the summer. There is something for colleagues
across all phases of education. Two reports address issues with early
years – the Children’s Commissioner puts forward a strong case for
increased investment in this phase and the Sutton Trust asks how much
progress has been made since the Nuttbrown Review (not enough!). At the
other end of the scale is a report from the Wavehill research
evaluating a number of projects to support the mental health of
university students which were funded by the Mental Health Challenge. A
former colleague, Professor Gemma Moss, has published findings on
research into the impact of the lockdown on Primary teachers. Well
worth a read whether you work in the primary or the secondary sector.
This research formed the basis of a recent submission to the Education
Select Committee. As a linguist, I have to confess to a particular
interest in the new language strategy which has been put forward by 5
key organisations including the British Council and the British Academy
– a must read for all languages teachers!

Can I take the opportunity to remind you that the Bristol Guide has now
been published and is available in hard copy, a licensed PDF or an

All our students here at Bristol have been furnished with a copy and
completed a Bristol Guide familiarisation task and a Document Summary
Service familiarisation task designed by the head of our EPS programme
which you may find useful for your student teachers, staff or NQTs.

Bristol Guide Task:

Document Summary Service Task:

If you have been following my weekly emails, you will know that over
the summer we have produced a toolkit to help you to get more from the
Document Summary Service – and to save you time! You can see a short
one minute video about the toolkit and download it below.

This month’s summaries:

Links to the individual summaries


DSS 20/21 1 Towards a National Languages Strategy: Education and Skills

In this report, a number of key organisations such as the British
Council and the British Academy put forward a new languages strategy
for the UK.

DSS 20/21 2 Education in England: Annual Report 2020

This report from the Education Policy Institute looks at the state of
education in England and examines the attainment gap between
disadvantaged pupils and their peers.

DSS 20/21 3 Primary Teachers’ Experience of the Covid-19 Lockdown

This report from University College London presents findings from a
survey of 1,653 primary teachers in state schools in England.

DSS 20/21 4 Early Years Workforce Review

This report from the Sutton Trust presents an audit of the current
state of play in relation to the development of a quality early years’

DSS 20/21 5 Best Beginnings in the Early Years

This report from the office of the Children’s Commissioner looks at the
current early years system from the perspective of children and

DSS 20/21 6 Special Education During Lockdown: Returning to Schools and
Colleges in September

This report from ASK research explores the impact of the Covid-19
pandemic on children and young people with SEND who attend special

DSS 20/21 7 The EEF Guide to Supporting School Planning

This report from the Education Endowment Foundation proposes a tiered
planning model, focussing on high quality teaching, targeted academic
support and wider strategies to support school improvement planning.

DSS 20/21 8 Evaluation of the OfS Mental Health Challenge Competition

This report from the Research company Wavehill evaluates a number of
funded projects which were funded by the OfS Mental Health Challenge

DSS 20/21 9 The Challenges Facing Schools and Pupils in September 2020

This report from NFER and the Nuffield Foundation investigates the
ongoing impact of Covid-19 on mainstream primary and secondary schools
in England.

DSS 20/21 10 Analysis: School Funding Allocations

In this report, Jon Andrews from the Education Policy Institute (EPI)
analyses the funding arrangements for 2021-22 and examines to what
extent they meet the needs of all pupils.


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