Document Summary Service November 2020

Dear Colleagues

As the days continue to shorten, I am pleased to enclose some reading
material for those dark evenings in the form of the November summaries.

As ever, you will find quite a range of materials here. On the COVID-19
related front, we have Ofsted’s most recent briefing giving a chalkface
view of how schools are dealing with the ongoing challenges of the
pandemic. There is also a report from the Education Policy Institute
which adds its voice the debate about the form which examinations
should take for the 2021 cohort. The Children’s Commissioner’s report
on research conducted with children and young people gives an
interesting insight into pupils’ views about being back in school. It
may be an interesting starting point for those of you who wish to
gather the views of your own pupils!

I am pleased that there were a good number of non-COVID-19 related
reports available this month. There is a curricular focus on MFL, with
a report from NALA exploring whether the current curriculum content is
off-putting for disadvantaged pupils. The report on the word gap at
transition from Oxford University Press, which attracted considerable
media attention is also worth a read. There are 2 reports related to
higher education and a further 2 for those with an interest in
technical and vocational education.

In line with last month, summaries are grouped into COVID-19 and
non-COVID-19 related.


DSS 20/21 21 COVID-19 Series: Briefing on Schools: October 2020

This report from Ofsted reports on the most recent visits carried out
by Ofsted to look at how schools are dealing with the ongoing impact of
the pandemic.

DSS 20/21 22 Education Policy Institute Position on Testing and
Examinations in 2021

This report from the Education Policy Institute considers some of the
priorities, challenges and options for government as they make
decisions regarding examinations in 2021.

DSS 20/21 23 Some Sort of Normal: What Children Want from Schools Now

This report from the Office of the Children’s Commissioner presents
research conducted with pupils around their feelings about returning to
school and about the support which they need.

DSS 20/21 24 2020 Annual Report on Education Spending in England

This report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies presents data on
spending in all phases of education and provides analysis about the
major issues facing different sectors, particularly in the light of

DSS 20/21 25 Bridging the Word Gap at Transition

This report from Oxford University Press explores the changing demands
on pupils’ use and understanding of vocabulary as they transition from
primary to secondary school.

DSS 20/21 26 Addressing Barriers to Student Success Programme:
Summative Evaluation Report

This report from Warwick Economics and Development Ltd was commissioned
by the Office for Students: it evaluates projects which were funded
under the Addressing Barriers to Student Success (ABSS) programme.

DSS 20/21 27 The Languages Curriculum and Disadvantaged Students

This report from the National Association of Language Advisors (NALA)
presents findings from a survey of stakeholders in the field of
languages education around the content of the MFL curriculum.

DSS 20/21 28 Demand for Higher Education to 2035

This report written by Rachael Hewitt and published by HEPI explores
how the demographics of the 18-year-old population will change beyond
2030 and the impact that higher participation levels might have on
demand across different parts of the UK.

DSS 20/21 29 Level 2 and 3 Apprenticeships

This report by IFF Research for the DfE explores possible reasons for
the recent decline in Level 2 apprenticeship starts in England.

DSS 20/21 30 International Progression Report: Good Practice in
Technical Education

This report from the DfE investigates other countries’ technical and
vocational education for young people and how other countries support
progression to more advanced levels.


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