Document Summary Service February 2021

Dear Colleagues

I do hope that those of you working in schools managed to get some
refreshing time off screen over the half term and that you are looking
forward to seeing pupils back in school soon and to a gradual return to
‘normal’ life.

Had I been told 11 months ago that I would still be finding such a
large number of education and research reports focussed on the pandemic
I would have been rather unpleasantly surprised. I have not done an
exact count of ‘pandemic reports’ summarised since March 2020, but I
suspect that it is over 50! This month I add 6 more. They provide a
wide range of perspectives and include Ofsted’s research document on
remote learning and an interesting study from ImpactEd which allows us
to see things from the pupils’ point of view. The particular challenges
faced by special schools and colleges are well documented in a report
from ASK Research and the NFER.

Apart from COVID-19 related reports, there is a focus on higher
education this month. The Higher Education Policy Institute explores
student dropout rates, and new research published by the DfE looks at
the impact of Brexit on fee income and student enrolments.

I have also included a summary of the Children’s Commissioner’s report
into children’s and young people’s mental health services – some things
to celebrate in term of progress but a key message of ‘keep trying


DSS 20/21 51 Remote Education Research

This summary from Ofsted, based on visits, presents evidence about
effective remote teaching and learning.

DSS 20/21 52 Learning in Lockdown

This short report from the Sutton Trust looks at the situation for
pupils during the latest round of school closures, with survey data
from Teacher Tapp and YouGov.

DSS 20/21 53 Impact of School Closures and Subsequent Support
Strategies on Attainment and Socio- Emotional Wellbeing in Key Stage 1

This report from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) estimates the
impact of disrupted schooling last spring and summer term on the
attainment of pupils in Key Stage 1 in England. It looks specifically
at reading and maths.

DSS 20/21 54 Pupil Learning and Wellbeing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This report from ImpactEd looks at wellbeing and remote learning
through the eyes of pupils.

DSS 20/21 55 Special Education during Lockdown: The Experiences of
School and College Providers and Parents of Children with EHC Plans

This report from ASK research and the NFER explores the experiences
during the first national lockdown of special schools and colleges.

DSS 20/21 56 The State of Children’s Mental Health Services 2020-2021

This is the 4th and final annual report from the current Children’s
Commissioner on the state of children’s mental health services in

DSS 20/21 57 Young People’s Mental and Emotional Health: Trajectories
and Drivers in Childhood and Adolescence

This report from the Education Policy Institute (EPI) in partnership
with the Prince’s Trust and Tesco investigates how mental and emotional
health (MEH) changes as children move into and through adolescence.

DSS 20/21 58 EU Exit: Estimating the Impact on UK Higher Education

This report from the DfE explores the potential impact of changes
related to Brexit on enrolments and fee income.

DSS 20/21 59 A Short Guide to Non-Continuation in UK Universities

This report from HEPI (Higher Education Policy Institute) takes an
in-depth look at reasons for non-continuation and makes recommendations
for improving student retention.

DSS 20/21 60 Independent Review of the Teaching Excellence and Student
Outcomes Framework (TEF)

This report from the DfE outlines the main findings of Dame Shirley
Pearce’s Review of the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes


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