Document Summary Service April 2021

Dear Colleagues

I am pleased to bring you the first batch of post-Easter summaries. I
do hope that those of you in schools enjoyed a well-earned break. There
are plenty of ‘big hitter’ reports to share with you this month.
Firstly, the Sewell report into ethnic and racial disparities was
finally published in March and has attracted some controversy. I have
done my best to retain a neutral stance in summaries what it has to say
about disparities in education. The other review which came out in
March was the Deaton Review, which looks at how inequalities have been
exacerbated by the pandemic – here again, I have extracted what is most
pertinent to education and skills. There are 2 reports this month which
may be of particular interest to primary colleagues – a piece of home
grown research from my colleague Ioanna Bakapoluou and her team looking
at early years/primary transition in a pandemic and a research report
looking at the impact of primary composite classes on pupil attainment.

SEN coordinators may be interested to read the summary of a report from
the Education Policy Institute looking at how the identification of
SEND pupils varies across the country – the phrase ‘postcode lottery’
comes to mind! Other themes included this month include EAL, university
admissions, and teachers’ wellbeing and working conditions which are
explored in the annual Teacher Labour Market report from the NFER –
always a popular read!


DSS 20/21 71 Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities: The Report

This report from the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities (the
Sewell Review) looks at differences between ethnic groups and the
reasons for them. The summary focusses on early years and schools.

DSS 20/21 72 Inequalities in Education, Skills, and Incomes in the UK:
The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

This report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (the Deaton Review)
explores the potential effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on inequalities
in the UK.

DSS 20/21 73 Teacher Labour Market in England: Annual Report 2021

This is the latest of NFER’s annual series of Teacher Labour Market
reports monitors the progress which the English school system is making
towards meeting the teacher supply challenge.

DSS 20/21 74 Identifying Pupils with Special Educational Needs and

This report by Jo Hutchinson for the Education Policy Institute
assesses whether children with similar needs are identified as having
SEND regardless of locality, school, school type and pupil

DSS 20/21 75 English as an Additional Language, Proficiency in English,
and Rates of Progression

This report from the University of Oxford and the Bell Foundation is
the latest in a series investigating the relationships between English
as an Additional Language (EAL), Proficiency in English (PIE) and
educational achievement at school.

DSS 20/21 76 Composite Classes, Class Size and Human Capital

This research report from the Fraser Allen Institute, funded by the
Nuffield Foundation, presents new evidence about the impact of
composite classes on pupils’ attainment.

DSS 20/21 77 The Impact of COVID-19 on Early Years Transition to School

In this report, Dr Ioanna Bakopoulou and her team from the University
of Bristol School of Education present research findings on the impact
of the pandemic on early years transition.

DSS 20/21 78 The Returns to Undergraduate Degrees by Socio-Economic
Group and Ethnicity

This report from the DfE and the Institute for Fiscal Studies looks at
whether some groups enjoy greater earnings returns to undergraduate
degrees than others.

DSS 20/21 79 Where Next for University Admissions?

In this report, Rachael Hewitt from the Higher Education Policy
Institute brings together a collection of comment pieces exploring
issues around university admissions, of which 2 have been selected for
this summary.

DSS 20/21 80 Supporting Care Experienced Students in Higher Education:
Towards a More Consistent Approach

This report by the National Network for the Education of Care Leavers
(NNECL) was commissioned by the Office for Students (OfS) in October
2020 to explore the support currently available for those who had been
in care and to consider the feasibility of a more consistent offer.


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