Document Summary Service May 2021

Dear Colleagues

I am pleased to bring you the May summaries. There is a strong
assessment theme this month. In a piece of ‘home grown’ research, my
colleague Professor George Leckie and his team have undertaken an
evaluation of the Progress 8 and Attainment 8 measures. Cambridge
Assessment have published a report looking at how RHPJs (repeatedly
high-performing jurisdictions) assess pupils at the end of basic
secondary education – (a report which I have just discovered and which
I thought was well worth summarising, although it was published in
February). Finally, Ofqual have published some research on staff views
of the 2020 assessment awarding process.

There are 2 summaries this month with a curricular focus. A report from
Renaissance Learning presents findings about children’s attitudes to
reading – there is some positive news about the effect of the lockdown
which helped some children to ‘discover themselves as readers’. Science
staff will be interested to read the first of Ofsted’s curriculum
research reports looking at factors which contribute to a high-quality

Other areas covered this month include safeguarding, SEND provision,
mental health, and the impact of continuing professional development


DSS 20/21 81 Supporting SEND

This report from Ofsted presents findings from a small-scale research
project looking at how well the needs of pupils with SEND are being met
in schools.

DSS 20/21 82 Research Review Series: Science

This report from Ofsted presents findings from research to identify the
elements of a high-quality science curriculum.

DSS 20/21 83 What and How Kids are Reading

This report from Renaissance Learning looks at pupils’ attitudes to
reading and explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

DSS 20/21 84 The Effects of High-Quality Professional Development on
Teachers and Students

In this report, the Education Policy Institute presents a cost-benefit
analysis of continuing professional development (CPD) for teachers.

DSS 20/21 85 A Review and Evaluation of Secondary School Accountability
in England

This report from the Education Policy Institute looks at the state of
education in England and examines the attainment gap between
disadvantaged pupils and their peers.

DSS 20/21 86 Centre Judgements: Teaching Staff Survey Summer 2020

In this report, Ofqual presents findings from an online survey and
interviews conducted with staff to gain insight into their views of the
2020 assessment process.

DSS 20/21 87 High-Stakes Testing after Basic Secondary Education: How
is it Done in High-Performing Education Systems?

This report from Cambridge Assessment explores how RHPJs (repeatedly
high performing jurisdictions) assess pupils at the end of basic
secondary education, and challenges the view that England is an outlier.

DSS 20/21 88 Working Towards Mentally Healthy Schools and FE Colleges:
The Voice of Students

This report from the Anna Freud Centre presents findings from a survey
of young people about what they want to learn about mental health, whom
they would turn to for support, and what mental health topics they want
to discuss.

DSS 20/21 89 Analysis Paper: Preliminary Research Findings on Education

This report from the Education Policy Institute makes a case for
increased spending to support lost learning in the wake of the COVID-19

DSS 20/21 90 The Wood Report

This independent report published by the DfE evaluates the
implementation of the new multi-agency safeguarding arrangements.


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