Document Summary Service July 2021

Dear Colleagues

As the summer term draws to a close, I am pleased to enclose the final
batch of summaries for the academic year 2020-21.

You will notice that there is a strong higher education theme this
month. I am pleased to include a report from my colleague Nicola
Warren-Lee. Along with Steve Puttick from the University of Oxford, she
has conducted some interesting research looking at the feedback which
mentors give to student teachers – it centres on geography, but I found
a lot here to challenge my own practice as an MFL tutor. There has been
much discussion amongst my colleagues around the DfE’s market review of
teacher education which is also included. There is a report about how
HE providers are prioritising and supporting students’ mental health
and wellbeing, and a chance to listen to students’ voices in the annual
academic experience survey. A report from the Office for Students on
the financial sustainability of higher education is optimistic in its
forecasts for the future of the sector.

Moving away from higher education there is a curricular focus on
languages with the publication of the British Council’s annual Language
Trends report. Note also an interesting report form the cross-party
House of Commons Education Committee looking at the poor outcomes of
disadvantaged White pupils in England.

Finally, may I take the opportunity to wish all colleagues a restful
summer break and some well-deserved respite from a computer-bound
existence! We say good-bye to the Document Summary Service as it
returns in September as the Education Policy and Research Service.

This month’s summaries are below.


DSS 20/21 101 Geography Mentors’ Written Lesson Observation Feedback
during Initial Teacher Education

This report by Nicola Warren-Lee from the University of Bristol School
of Education and Steve Puttick from the University of Oxford examines
the subject specificity of written feedback given to students teachers
of geography.

DSS 20/21 102 Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Market Review

This report from the DfE sets out wide-reaching proposals for reform of
the ITT market in England.

DSS 20/21 103 Student Mental Health and Wellbeing

This report written by IES and Advance HE and published by the DfE
explores how higher education providers are prioritising and supporting
students’ mental health and wellbeing.

DSS 20/21 104 Student Academic Experience Survey

This annual survey from Advance HE and the Higher Education Policy
Institute (HEPI) presents students’ perceptions of their university

DSS 20/21 105 Inequality in the Highest Degree? Postgraduates, Prices,
and Participation

This report from the Sutton Trust explores the extent to which certain
aspects of postgraduate education may be creating barriers to social

DSS 20/21 106 Financial Sustainability of Financial Higher Education
Providers in England

This report from the Office for Students looks at the financial
strength of higher education institutions in the wake of the COVID-19

DSS 20/21 107 Putting Apprenticeships to Work for Young People

This report from the National Foundation for Educational Research
(NFER) examines the impact of the apprenticeship reforms on small and
medium enterprises (SMEs) and on young people, against the backdrop of
the COVID-19 pandemic.

DSS 20/21 108 GCSE and Lifetime Earnings

This report from analysts at the DfE provides estimates of the lifetime
earnings return to improvements in GCSE grades.

DSS 20/21 109 Language trends 2021

This annual report published by the British Council presents
information about current trends in language teaching and learning at
primary and secondary level.

DSS 20/21 110 The Forgotten: How White working class pupils have been
let down and how to change it.

This report from the House of Commons Education reports on a recent
inquiry into the outcomes of disadvantaged White pupils.


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