Disadvantaged Pupils

disadvantaged pupils

“Successful schools adopt a whole school approach to their use of the pupil premium that delivers on the full potential of every pupil, including nurturing their more able pupils to excel. Successful schools deploy the best staff to support their most disadvantaged pupils, and use their resources to develop the skills and roles of their teachers and teaching assistants.”

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement Templates: (updated September 2021)

As part of the pupil premium allocations and conditions of grant for 2021 to 2022, schools are now required to:

  • demonstrate, from the next academic year, how their spending decisions are informed by research evidence (condition 7)
  • use the DfE strategy statement templates to publish their pupil premium strategy (condition 8)

Your online statement should explain:

  • how much you have been allocated this year
  • how you intend to spend the pupil premium
  • the rationale for your spending decisions, including the barriers you’re looking to overcome
  • the intended impact
  • what effect last year’s pupil premium spending had within your school

The length and detail of your online statement should reflect the size of your pupil premium allocation.

3-year strategy

The DfE say you do not have to use the 3-year approach if you do not want to.

They recommend that you:

  • take a longer-term approach to planning how to use the grant (for example, over 3 year period)
  • update your online statement at least once a year, starting from late in the autumn term

You may find using the 3-year strategy approach makes it easier to plan your:

  • spending
  • recruitment
  • teaching practice
  • staff development

Schools are not required to publish the statement before the end of December 2021. This will enable you to take into account the needs of your new intake.

Making a Difference for Disadvantaged Pupils:

If you are enrolled on the Making a Difference for Disadvantaged Pupils (MADDP) training, in collaboration with Newcastle Research School, you can find the resources below:

Further Information:

There are a number of newsletters which you may find useful:

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