DfE-provided routers update

The 4G wireless routers you received from DfE were due to provide data until the end of July. To allow users to continue to access the internet during the summer holidays, we have extended this to 31 August 2021. You should remind anyone you have provided a router to that the monthly limit of 20GB will remain the same.

Routers still need resetting so they can be used with another SIM card from September.

Huawei routers must be reset before 31 August TP-Link or D-Link routers can be reset after 31 August.

If Huawei routers are not reset before 31 August you’ll be unable to use them with another SIM card when the data runs out. Huawei routers that have already been reset will continue to provide data through their original SIM cards until the end of August.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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