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In the Autumn term, NCC will be facilitating the delivery of the Dare to Lead Curriculum for Heads and Senior Leaders in Schools.

The Dare to Lead™ curriculum brings Brené Brown’s research on courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy into your own organisation or school, though you and your commitment to the programme. 

Our focus will be on developing courage-building skills and facilitating your process of how to move from armoured leadership to daring leadership. The Dare to Lead Curriculum combines videos, live virtual facilitation (by Zoom or Teams), and exercises.  You’ll receive a colour pdf workbook (recommended that you print out ahead of the programme) and although it’s not essential to have read Dare to Lead book before taking part in the programme, it will deepen your understanding of the background to the research and the concepts and language of the curriculum.

The programme will run over 6 x 4 hour live, virtual sessions (*or 8 x 3 hour sessions). Spaced *weekly with rest weeks (3 or 4 weeks on, one week clear), or *fortnightly (one session every other week). The pattern of delivery will be decided by the cohort according to what works best. There will be a follow up session, three months after the programme ends, to check on progress and provide any support needed. You will also be invited to take part in listening partnerships over the course of the programme, with another participant from the programme – guidance will be provided. 

After fully completing the 24 hour curriculum, you will be able to claim ‘Dare to Lead trained’ status and add a badge to your LinkedIn profile, should you use it and wish to do so. There is also the potential for using the Daring Teams™ rollout programme to share the work and what you’ve learned with your team. This does not confer ‘Dare to Lead trained’ status to your team members and is at the discretion of the facilitator.

Cost of the programme is likely to be around £500 per participant (TBC) and includes full colour pdf workbook, 6/8 live facilitated sessions, support to set up listening partnership sessions, in between session email support, pre-programme questionnaire and post-programme evaluation by the Brené Brown Education and Research team at Houston.

For a pre-booking conversation, or if you have questions about the programme, please contact Jacqui Sjenitzer by email hello@braveologist.co.uk or schedule a 20 min conversation here

If you are interested in completing the course, please click on the link in order to express an interest. There is no firm commitment expected at this point until we can firm up the final costs and decide with those interested how to best structure the hours of delivery. 

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