Covid19 School Model Risk Assessment -Version 4.2 (and updated FAQ document)

The latest revision of the model school risk assessment template is now available and can be accessed via this link. This incorporates minor amendments and additions from the latest government guidance for schools fully reopening (updated 22 October). The health and safety FAQ document has also been updated and is signposted from the risk assessment. This contains more detailed information in relation to specific issues such as ventilation and fire drills.

As with previous revisions, the changes made to the risk assessment have been highlighted (in orange text) to make the process of updating your own school risk assessment easier. Sections which can now be removed have been ‘striked out’. Further information on the changes made are also detailed in the table at the end of the document.

Your own school Covid-19 risk assessment should be regularly reviewed and the controls in place monitored to ensure they are effective and are being complied with. It would also be good practice to review this following any confirmed cases of Covid19 within the school.

Please ensure that previous versions of your own risk assessment are retained so it is clear what arrangements were in place within the school at any given time.

Previously issued school specific health and safety information can also be found on the Corporate Health and Safety team area of the NCC staff portal.

The Corporate Health and Safety Team are able to provide advice on specific issues or concerns and can be contacted via or by speaking to one of the school health and safety advisors:

Amanda Young (
Nigel Chopping (
Bryony Smith (
John Froud (

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