Covid Cases Update

You will be aware that unfortunately the number of Covid cases are increasing across Northumberland. This has already begun to impact on our school communities with 26 schools, to date, reporting
actual cases.

The positive news is that those schools involved have all responded with distinction. Best practice has involved following the attached flow chart, filling in the Public Health webform, identifying ‘close contacts’ and swiftly communicating with parents, all done with the support of our LA Public Health Team. In addition, so far, we have very limited schoolbased transmission. This is further testament to the rigorous infection control strategies you have in place.

To continue to protect your school communities, it remains vital to:

• Keep the infection control strategies you have firmly in place
• Try to keep bubble sizes as small as possible
• Ensure bubbles do not mix
• Keep a close record of all seating plans, to support identification of close contacts where social distancing is possible
• Ensure all staff keep socially distant from each other unless there is no alternative

Follow the flow chart for all Covid related issues.

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