Coronavirus School Funds for exceptional costs arising from Covid-19

The ESFA has made an initial payment in respect of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Schools Fund for those exceptional costs arising from Covid-19 and the partial re-opnieng of schools during the summer term. At this stage the only schools to have been paid are those which claimed solely for the three eligible categories of premises, free school meals and cleaning costs, and did not include any other costs. A total of £151,307 was paid to 37 maintained schools in August (Code 300016 CS1001).

As indicated prior to the deadline, other costs not within these 3 categories are subject to further assessment by the ESFA. The ESFA indicates these payments may be made in November though this could be subject to delay.

While the original claim deadline was 21 July 2020, the ESFA have also previously said that there will be a further opportunity to claim in the autumn term, where you will be able to claim for further costs incurred during the period up to the end of summer term in July. Further information in relation to this is still awaited.

Further information on the Coronavirus School Funds for exception costs is available HERE.

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