There is considerable interest from MPs and Elected Members regarding attendance at, and absence from, school. The Local Authority Data Unit can extract attendance information from the system and it has been agreed that it will be extracted weekly at school partnership level; the report will show: % attending: % absent (all reasons): and % Other (incl. unrecorded/ missing registers, and planned closures).

To ensure the data that we extract reflects the actual attendance in your school, please can the AM and PM daily attendance marks for the week be input into SIMS (or whichever MIS System, i.e. Bromcom, Scholarpack your school uses), by close of work on Wednesday of the following week. The report will then be run on the Thursday. We are aware that some staff do not have access to the relevant software when working from home, so hopefully this will allow time if they need to be in school in order to record it.

Since the issue of gaps in recording in SIMS was raised last week, the position has improved, so thank you for that; colleagues in Education Welfare and the Data Unit have been supporting schools with it, and other attendance practice matters on a daily basis. Once the recording into SIMS is sufficiently comprehensive, the weekly report will be shared with headteachers, as well as with the leadership within the LA. If there are any queries about how to record the attendance onto SIMS, please contact the SIMS team and a colleague will be more than happy to assist.

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