An Offer from Sunderland University ITT for Secondary/High Schools

With pupils returning to onsite learning, Sunderland University are eager to support schools and their pupils with the transition back to school. Following DfE guidance, they have developed a range of flexible placement
opportunities which schools may choose to utilise:
Twin Tutoring:
In this option, trainees are paired up within their specialisms to work with pupils on either a 1-1 or small group basis where they can work to provide additional support or tuition to a range of learners remotely or face to face. Schools might find this type of support useful for pupils who have struggled to engage throughout the remote working period or are lacking depth to their work/assessments or have developed a gap in their learning due to the disruption of the pandemic. Trainees can be used to provide some subject specific intensive support or catch up intervention and assessment to support with information gathering for any centre assessed grade requirements. This could be run across the whole school for pupils studying any of the following subjects: Business, History, Science, R.E, English, Maths and Computer Science.
Continued support with remote learning:
As we continue to work within the pandemic and pupils returning to on site learning, we are well aware of the continued disruption teachers and pupils may face within their studies. Alongside DfE guidelines, Sunderland
University have moved to a flexible placement model where trainees gather evidence of their teaching experience against the Teacher Standards as opposed to the more traditional number of days in school assessment. With the return of pupils to onsite learning, we may continue to experience collapsed class bubbles and/or individual isolation instances for pupils. The University are able to offer schools trainees to support with this and ensure those who are learning at home are able to continue learning with as little
disruption as possible. Trainees can provide the remote teaching and learning so teachers are able to focus on the pupils in the classroom or vice versa. This will support their trainees to gather evidence across their
teaching standards and also allow an opportunity for your pupils to maintain continuity in their learning.
3 week Placements:
Trainee teachers can also come in on short term placements (either as an individual or paired trainee placement) which builds on their teaching experience over a shorter placement window. The trainees would start with observations and then progress to independent delivery throughout the 3 week period. During this period, the trainees can be tasked with lesson and resource planning and will have at least one formal observation by their mentor at school during this time. Should schools opt for this provision, there is also a financial support package available. The University have also developed a support package with this which embeds mentoring/coaching support for school staff who feel they would like some additional guidance within their role as a trainee mentor and this runs as a free CPD option for schools.
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