Addressing the literacy gap with Reading Recovery

You may have heard from Kerry Clegg over the past few years regarding Reading Recovery. Kerry says, “Never has there been there a more important time to consider how investment in this opportunity could significantly improve the life chances of your lowest attaining pupils.

Understandably, as the first promise of central government funding emerged there were many factors to consider in best use of resources under very challenging circumstances. Now it is time to think strategically more long term. With the recent announcement of further funding – up to £6000 for primary schools – along with careful consideration of next year’s budget and staffing, I urge you to consider which member of staff on your team would be best placed to bring about real change in terms of literacy levels across school. Initial Professional Development training in Reading Recovery would begin in September.  Teachers are highly trained to identify and address specific gaps in reading and writing and how to support learning across school.

Please see the flyer for further information and links to recent research detailing the advantages of having a RR teacher on the staff.

I am always more than happy to have individual conversations about how Reading Recovery could be implemented in your school. Do contact me if you would like further information.”

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