2021/22 Service to Schools SLA Portal :

The Services to Schools SLA Portal is now open for Schools to use in relation to their Service Level Agreement requirements for 2021/22. Please take the time to review the information on the portal,  as in some cases services will have changed from that offered in the current year.

The basic process remains as it was last year – after reviewing the information regarding a service on the portal, please select the packages that you require, and add them to your basket. Remember to “check out” by confirming the purchases in your basket. The nominated contact for the Service you are purchasing will subsequently provide confirmation.

Pupil data used to calculate prices is based on the October 2020 census information. Schools should be able to check this information to the School Budget Share documents. Where price information is based on staffing information this will also generally be based on October 2020 information, where this is held. Academies and other non-maintained schools may be required to submit additional information in order to obtain a price for services. Schools are reminded that charges may fluctuate from year to year if there are changes in this data. Service managers may also reserve the right to update or review prices where the data held does not accurately reflect a Schools position for 2021/22.

No charges are processed at the time you make your purchases, even where costs are provided. Costs will subsequently be charged by invoice or journal transfer in line with the timescales outlined by the service. Wherever possible we have tried to include Finance Code information to indicate which code will be charged for the specific service. There are also some services where it is not possible to provide pricing information within the portal but a manager will gladly provide a “price on application”.

The service contacts, as listed for the individual items should be the first point of contact for a particular service.

In some cases the portal may simply provide advice with regard to a Service, if there is no specific package on offer then further information will be signposted.

Users will find that they are now able to reset their own passwords by following the onscreen help.

Attached are the latest customer guidance notes, an online help facility has also been created, indicated by the :- 

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symbol at the top of the page.

I hope you find the SLA portal useful and we would welcome any feedback you have.

If you have any comments or queries please direct them to: schoolslas@northumberland.gov.uk

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