Information for School Improvement Partners: 2020 – 2021

An introduction from Audrey Kingham: Acting Service Director Education & Skills

Autumn Term 2020:


  • This autumn term visit will be different to previous years… It is likely that your visit will be virtual and the template is somewhat different. Sections of the template have guidance notes to aid the writing of the report, and further guidance is available in the appendix. There is some reflection on how schools/pupils managed during the period March – July 2020 but the main focus is on the periods September 2019 – March 2020 and then March 2020 – July 2020.
  • SEND and disadvantaged pupils continue to be a golden thread.
  • Please remember that the main audience for the reports are governors so avoidance of acronyms and short hand is best practice. Some data may be needed but try to avoid long lists or tables please. A clear and concise written narrative of the evidence seen, with evaluative statements/conclusion/judgements is what we are after. The aim is to inform governors of strengths and weaknesses to enable them to hold the headteacher to account.
  • Damian’s presentation, shared during the SIP training, on 10 September is available here.
  • Angela’s presentation, shared during the SIP training, on 10 September is available here.
  • Claire’s presentation, shared during the SIP training, on 10 September is available here.
  • A link to the new training directory is here.
  • The Headteacher performance management guide is available here. Headteacher Standards are available here.
  • PLEASE do not convert your report to Word. Leave in Google and share with Hannah – she will deal with any formatting issues.

Spring Term 2021

  • Given the current circumstances SIP visits have changed somewhat this year. Our spring visits usually focus on the quality of teaching and learning and are centred around classroom observations, work scrutiny and conversations with pupils and staff. As education provision has been very different this term we have adapted our SIP support offer accordingly.
  • We have produced a proforma which focuses on the education provided in the current circumstances (see below). Working through this form will provide schools with an opportunity to discuss the education they are providing; how they have adapted their curriculum to meet current challenges and how they are providing education to meet the needs of all their learners. It is envisaged that this meeting (held virtually) will take around an hour/hour and a half to complete.
  • Some schools may prefer their time with you this term to be spent discussing wider school issues rather than focus solely on remote education. If this is the case, please record notes on the generic proforma instead (see below). Other schools may not wish to engage any SIP support this term; if this is the case, please let us know so that it can be recorded on our system.
  • Could we ask that you contact the schools you provide SIP support for to establish how they wish to proceed this term.

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