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Autumn Term 2019:

Autumn Term Template (Google Doc) (Please make a copy of the doc before editing)

The focus for the autumn term visit is a detailed analysis and evaluation of the outcomes achieved by pupils. Each section of the template has guidance notes to aid the writing of the report.
The first page remains a summary of your findings with the details about each key stage on the following pages. The report also indicates whether the SIP has shared latest guidance on websites (maintained schools, academies/free schools), SCR and Ofsted documents.
Please remember that the main audience for the reports are governors so avoidance of acronyms and short hand is best practice. Some data may be needed but try to avoid long lists or tables please. A clear and concise written narrative of the evidence seen, with evaluative statements/conclusion/judgements is what we are after. The aim is to inform governors of strengths and weaknesses to enable them to hold the HT to account.
  • Documents shared during the SIP training on 16 September are available here.
  • The Headteacher performance management guide is available here.
  • School data can be accessed via School360. For log in issues please contact Elissa Barker.

Spring Term 2020:

Spring Term Template (Google Doc)  Please make a copy before editing.
The spring term visit is focused on the intent (at an overview level) and the implementation (at a specific level) of the school curriculum or areas of it. Please read in carefully including the appendix and the Ofsted document (Inspecting the Curriculum) and keep your handbook close to hand.
The core of the visit is 2 Curriculum Reviews (please do not refer to them as Deep Dives!) in reading and another subject chosen by the school. Follow appendix 1 to complete the tasks and then write up your collected evidence in the key stage boxes. Any areas of concern should be highlighted in the key question section. There may be some flexibility used around the format at special schools or at schools who have already been inspected this year (no Curriculum Review in reading needed there!) however I expect 90% of schools will have there needs met in this format.
PLEASE do not convert to Word, leave in Google as this causes huge problems at our end.

Summer Term 2020:

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