Continual school improvement is a universal theme with all schools in Northumberland.

Continual school improvement is a universal theme with all schools in Northumberland. Often that improvement is driven by individual school or partnership capacity. When a school is graded as less than ‘good’ either by Ofsted, SIP report, through self-evaluation or when a school believes that this is a possibility, they may require some support from additional sources to enable rapid progress to be made. Northumberland LA has a range of additional services beyond the School Improvement SLA which can support the needs of individual schools. The support available is listed below. Schools can select from the menu to design their own ‘School Support Package’.

Schools are asked to contact David Street who will forward your request  to the most appropriate commissioner so that they can facilitate the services required.

Additional support DescriptionBasic Cost
Action/impact planningSupport with writing action plans, monitoring programmes and target setting. This would usually be with the appropriate commissioner.Free to schools in the School Improvement SLA
Additional SIP timeAdditional SIP work to support the action plan including monitoring, moderation, leadership support, steering groups, assisted review, bespoke professional development etc. £400 per day
Additional SIL TimeSupport beyond the universal School Improvement Leader service in line with the above.
£450 per day
Early Years supportSupport from the EY team including EY review, action planning, monitoring, moderation, leadership support, steering groups, bespoke professional development etc. This work could be with development workers, consultants or the EY adviser. From 0-£300 per day depending on SLA membership
Equalities SupportSupport to comply with equality legislation and/or Accessibility PlansVaries with school size
ICT supportE-safety audit, website compliance check, curriculum review.Varies with school size
Safeguarding ReviewA light touch or whole school review of safeguarding.Free to all schools
Pupil Premium Health CheckA website compliance check prior to visiting the school. Plus a visit to review current strategies and how the school is evaluating their impact.
Outcomes will be tailored to the needs of each school, but usually include a new Pupil Premium Strategy Statement, which fully complies with the latest good practice guidelines or a "Pupil Premium Impact Report.
“Lite” Pupil Premium ReviewThis review provides external validation for schools in terms of: website compliance, analysis of impact of existing strategies, suggestions for future spending. Outcomes are be a written report containing an evaluation of the impact of current practice and action plan for future spending. The process takes 2 and a half days and is undertaken by an Associate Adviser.£1200
Pupil Premium ReviewUndertaken by one of our Associate Advisers in line with the John Dunford process. It includes a PP audit, action plan, monitoring and impact report. The process takes 4 days over a minimum of 2 terms.£1600
Governance ReviewThere are two options, light touch training to support internal review or a full external review in line with Ofsted requirements£250-£1000
SEND health checkA member of SEND team will visit to review all the school SEND processes following completion of a self-assessment toolkitFree to schools in the School Improvement SLA
Teaching School PartnershipThe Northumberland Teaching School Cluster contains a range of teaching schools working in Northumberland. This group will pair schools with a teaching school to support all areas of school improvement through NLE, SLE’s, bespoke training packages and access to other professional development.Links arranged for free. Packages may come with a cost but may qualify for external funding
Head Teacher MentorHead Teacher mentors are available. The links will be facilitated by a commissioner.Free to schools in the School Improvement SLA
Human ResourcesA review of any staffing issues and/or the whole school staffing structure.Free to schools in HR SLA
Budget/FinanceA review of current income and expenditure and the possible impact of a change in Ofsted grading. This would initially be with the appropriate commissioner. Initially free to schools in the School Improvement SLA